Self-Assessment Resources From ASCO University®

Self-Assessment Resources From ASCO University®

Dr. Jamie Von Roenn
Increasing evidence shows that self-assessment is an important approach for meaningful learning. Often, learners—including oncologists—believe that they know where their knowledge gaps are, but this isn’t really the case. 

“We don’t know what we don’t know,” said Jamie Von Roenn, MD, FASCO, ASCO’s vice president of Education, Science, and Professional Development.

That’s why Dr. Von Roenn thinks it’s important that oncologists take advantage of the ASCO University® self-assessment resources, which she calls “the most comprehensive test-preparation resources available to oncologists.” Self-assessment not only helps identify knowledge gaps, but research shows that it also helps learners retain new knowledge.

“Well-formulated test questions actually educate the learner, and assessment drives learning,” Dr. Von Roenn said. “Testing for learning is more effective for retention than rereading or studying the same material for an equal amount of time.”

ASCO University offers several self-assessment resources for oncologists preparing to take their initial Certification Exam or for those maintaining their certification and preparing for the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) 10-year exam.

These self-assessment resources, available for purchase from the ASCO University Bookstore, feature up-to-date and practice-relevant questions written by ASCO expert faculty and edited by course planners for clarity and focus. All questions provide not only the correct answer but also an answer rationale including references that support the best answer.

ASCO University Personalized Learning Dashboard

The ASCO University Personalized Learning Dashboard was designed for learners who want a more individualized approach to exam preparation.

Users begin the self-assessment by designating their media preferences for videos, text-based articles, audio podcasts, or eLearning courses. Then they assess their current knowledge questions modeled after the ABIM’s updated exam blueprint for medical oncology. Finally, two scores, an actual score based on right and wrong answers and an adjusted score that takes in account confidence levels, generate the learner’s dashboard, indicating knowledge gaps and allowing the user to choose from a list of the recommended educational resources in those topics.

Most materials are taken from ASCO content, including journal and ASCO Educational Book articles, Meeting Videos and Slides, ASCO University eLearning programs, and audio podcasts. At any time, learners can take a post-assessment to test their progress toward exam preparation.

ASCO-SEP 5th Edition

ASCO-SEP, now in its 5th edition, was designed for learners who want to take a more conventional approach to exam preparation. Learners can either purchase the book individually, which includes access to the eBook, or buy a bundle that includes the book, the ASCO-SEP Mock Exam, and eBook access.

The ASCO-SEP book and eBook includes 21 chapters focused on specific disease sites and oncology topics, as well as more than 180 multiple-choice questions that can be used for self-assessment. “Key Points” in each chapter facilitate review of important concepts. All of the self-assessment questions are new, so learners who have completed multiple-choice questions from previous editions will have the opportunity to review with new material. Although the ASCO-SEP 4th edition is no longer available for purchase, learners can purchase the 4th Edition Online Question Bank for additional test preparation.

The ASCO-SEP 5th Edition Mock Exam, included in the ASCO-SEP bundle, is an e-Learning module on ASCO University that contains an additional 120 self-assessment questions that are not offered in the ASCO-SEP book or in any previous exam preparation product.

Oncologists who complete exam preparation with any of these ASCO-SEP products are eligible to apply for continuing medical education (CME) credit and/or ABIM Maintenance of Certification (MOC) points.


Finally, the ASCO MOC app uses a pulsed education approach to keep the busy oncologist on track to exam preparation. Available for purchase from the ASCO University Bookstore and downloadable on any electronic device, the app sends questions to learners on a user-defined frequency. Learners also gain access to courses on ASCO University. They can use the app to work through these courses, as they would the exam preparation questions.

After the successful completion of each course in the app, learners are eligible to apply for CME credit and ABIM MOC points.  

– Danielle Prieur