PracticeNET Benefits Oncology Practices Through Benchmarking and Collaboration

PracticeNET Benefits Oncology Practices Through Benchmarking and Collaboration

Every oncology practice aims to deliver high-quality, high-value care for patients with cancer. However, the demands of managing a modern health care office can sometimes become overwhelming.

The business of health care is undergoing a critical transition from fee-for-service to payment for value. Practices work alone and frequently struggle in isolation with managing their productivity, staffing, and new reimbursement models.

ASCO’s PracticeNET is here to help.

PracticeNET is an initiative from ASCO’s Clinical Affairs Department that provides tools and services to facilitate innovation in cancer care delivery and to respond to growing economic and administrative challenges. The PracticeNET program allows practices to submit data for benchmark and trend analysis that is used to produce reports benefiting individual practice needs.

Practices submit business, operational, administrative, and quality data on a monthly basis to ASCO’s Clinical Affairs Department from their practice management system. Then, the Clinical Affairs Department analyzes the information to produce quarterly reports measuring the practice and individual physicians against the database of PracticeNET participants. Institutions will also receive an annual “state of your practice” assessment on key production and cost measurements.

The PracticeNET focus is on business and operational information, not clinical data. No patient information is collected for this program. Data summaries and reports are shared only in an aggregated form and in a manner that never identifies the practice or any individual physician.

All data shared under PracticeNET are kept under strict confidence and managed with appropriate safeguards. ASCO will not use a practice’s data for any purposes other than the PracticeNET program.

PracticeNET has continued to grow since its launch in May 2015. It is a program for practices in all practice settings and locations. Current members include hospital and physician practices, from practices with two physicians to those with more than 50. As the number of participants grows, PracticeNET will create cohorts of like practices to enhance the value of the reporting back to the members.

In addition to quarterly electronic reports analyzing practice characteristics, ASCO holds two face-to-face meetings each year for PracticeNET members where data results are shared and discussed. These meetings are a valuable tool for practices to get the most out of their participation and to learn with and from their peer practices and institutions. During the Spring 2017 meeting, results from the Survey of Oncology Practice Operations were shared, and attendees offered suggestions for future metrics that will be meaningful to their practices. Discussions included topics such as clinical pathways, the Oncology Care Model, best practices for clinical documentation, and clinical productivity.

Admission to the PracticeNET program is conducted on a continuing basis, with no deadlines to sign up. Registration for the first year of participation in PracticeNET is completely free in order to give practices a chance to experience the benefits of the program before committing long term.

For more information about the program, or to sign up for its services, email Additional information can also be found on

–​Jack Lambert and Alana Williams