My Meeting Experience: A Medical Oncologist’s Perspective, Dr. Edmond A. Bendaly

My Meeting Experience: A Medical Oncologist’s Perspective, Dr. Edmond A. Bendaly

Dr. Edmond A. Bendaly, Lisa Tanner Photography
Edmond A. Bendaly, MD, FACP, is a medical oncologist with Progressive Cancer Care Center at Marion General Hospital. In the following interview, Dr. Bendaly discusses why he chose to attend the 2017 ASCO Annual Meeting, as well as what he hopes to take away from his experience.

ASCO Daily News: How many Annual Meetings have you attended, and why do you continue to attend?

Dr. Bendaly: I have been attending the Annual Meeting since I graduated fellowship 8 years ago. As a community oncologist, the Meeting is an invaluable opportunity for continuing medical education in the ever-changing field of oncology. In addition, it’s a great opportunity to interact with peers and colleagues.

ASCO Daily News: How has research presented at the Meeting in the past affected how you practice?

Dr. Bendaly: One area of focus in my clinical practice is thoracic oncology. The past several years have witnessed remarkable progress in this disease state, from identification of novel mutations and their corresponding small molecule inhibitors to the development and evolution of immune checkpoint inhibitors. The Annual Meeting has been an indispensable platform for me to learn about these latest developments, as well as discuss them with my peers.

ASCO Daily News: What short- and/or long-term takeaways did you leave last year’s Meeting with?

Dr. Bendaly: I was impressed with the CASTOR study data from the 2016 Annual Meeting Plenary Session, which was presented by Antonio Palumbo, MD.

ASCO Daily News: How do you plan out your time during the Meeting?

Dr. Bendaly: Aside from planning on attending the Plenary Session, I pick one disease track and follow it throughout the Meeting. Things can become overwhelming very quickly. It is great that the Meeting Videos and Slides became a standard offering a few years ago. This helps me review the massive amount of new information that each Meeting brings at my leisure.

ASCO Daily News: What advice do you have for first-time attendees to get the most out of their Meeting experience?

Dr. Bendaly: Plan your Meeting. Review the schedule and identify a disease track you’d like to follow. The iPlanner app and website are excellent for staying organized. Use the Meeting Videos and Slides throughout the year; it is really an extension of the live meeting.•

About Dr. Bendaly: ​Dr. Bendaly is chairman and liaison of the Cancer Committee at Marion General Hospital. He is a community oncologist with a special interest in thoracic oncology. He is board-certified in hematology, medical oncology, hospice and palliative medicine, and internal medicine.