What’s New for Journal of Oncology Practice

What’s New for Journal of Oncology Practice

The Journal of Oncology Practice (JOP) has implemented a number of changes to make the Journal more accessible and useful than ever for oncology care teams and their practice administrators. Here’s what you can expect from the Journal this year.

Care Delivery Reviews

JOP has introduced care delivery reviews, a new article type styled as op-ed pieces on topics of importance to oncology care delivery. “Readers were looking for a section of the Journal that took on care delivery topics in a more encompassing way,” JOP Editor-in-Chief John V. Cox, DO, MBA, FACP, FASCO, said.

Dr. John V. Cox
The first care delivery review was published in the January issue1 and discussed the role of care partners in cancer care delivery. Six care delivery reviews followed, with one specifically discussing “health reimbursement issues and how care delivery reform from governmental payers will affect oncology care,” Dr. Cox said.

End-of-Life Special Issue

JOP continues to publish special issues on ASCO’s State of Cancer Care in America report and a summary of the ASCO Quality Care Symposium. The April issue focused on the State of Cancer Care in America and covered “delivery topics including workforce issues, reimbursement issues, and mechanisms for care delivery that are rapidly changing,” Dr. Cox said, while articles from the ASCO Quality Care Symposium continued to offer summaries of the year’s best papers and talks.

But Dr. Cox said he’s most excited about JOP’s newest special issue, which received an unprecedented response to a call for papers. The issue will focus on the ethical challenges surrounding end-of-life care, specifically palliative and supportive care for patients with cancer, and will be a collaboration between JOP and the ASCO Ethics Committee. The issue, which will be published in September to coincide with the Palliative and Supportive Care in Oncology Symposium, will feature Ethics Committee chairs as guest curators and editors.

“The Journal continues to hone and get better at combining delivery topics and focused clinical reviews. I suspect readers will be able to see more linkages between clinical topics and care delivery topics in every month’s issue,” he said.

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–Danielle Prieur