New Content Available Through ASCO University® Essentials

New Content Available Through ASCO University® Essentials

The ASCO University® Essentials package is a 1-year subscription to all eLearning courses offered through ASCO University, including popular content such as:

  • Immuno-Oncology Program
  • Tumor Genomics Program
  • Cancer Genetics Program
  • Monthly ASCO Tumor Boards
  • Monthly Molecular Oncology Tumor Boards
  • ASCO Maintenance of Certification (MOC)
  • ASCO Personalized Learning Dashboard

This year, new courses were added to ASCO University, including Qualitative Methods of Research, Grant Writing, and Evaluation of Scientific Literature. Two new ASCO MOC app courses are now available, and a third will be available this fall. In addition, in order to ensure timeliness and relevancy, the Immuno-Oncology and Tumor Genomics Programs were recently updated.

Dr. Gina D’Amato
Purchasing or renewing a subscription to ASCO University Essentials entitles the user to these new and updated courses in addition to the more than 100 courses that had been previously available. These include eLearning courses and audio podcasts covering all major tumor types such as lung, breast, genitourinary, gastrointestinal, and hematologic cancers. American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) MOC points and continuing medical education (CME), nursing, and pharmacy credit are available through these courses.

“I was nervous about taking my Medical Oncology Board Recertification exam because I specialize in sarcoma, which comprises about 2% of the questions,” Gina D’Amato, MD, of Georgia Cancer Specialists, said. “I called up ASCO, and the staff was so helpful. I took the MOC courses and practice tests through ASCO University Essentials. I also bought ASCO-SEP® 5th Edition. I read the entire book and completed all of the practice questions. And, great news, I passed with an above-average score.”

Furthermore, a subscription to ASCO University Essentials represents excellent value for medical professionals who purchase multiple courses per year.

With the 20% ASCO member discount, a year-long subscription to ASCO University Essentials is available for $347. Non-members pay $434 for the subscription.

Customize Your Experience With the ASCO Personalized Learning Dashboard

The ASCO Personalized Learning Dashboard was designed to support a more individualized approach to oncology education. It begins with an enhanced self-assessment that helps sift through information and then offers tailored content recommendations based on the identified knowledge gaps.

The ASCO Personalized Learning Dashboard brings tailored information to the user’s fingertips in six steps.

Identify Media Preferences. Participants can select whether they have a preference for videos, text-based articles, audio podcasts, or eLearning courses.

Assess Current Knowledge. The pre-assessment is modeled after the ABIM’s updated exam blueprint for medical oncology. In addition to selecting the best answer for each question, participants also indicate their level of confidence in their chosen answer. Confidence levels, which are reflected in a final adjusted score, help learners more accurately identify knowledge gaps. This includes identification of areas where the best answer was chosen but confidence in it being correct was low. With each question, the correct answer and rationale are shown, along with supporting references. With a passing score of 70%, learners can earn ABIM MOC points and CME credit.

See Results. After taking the pre-assessment, two score types are presented: an actual score based on right/wrong answers, and an adjusted score that considers confidence levels. A personalized dashboard is generated based on the adjusted score. Discover where your knowledge gaps are within specific oncology topics and choose what topic areas you would like to focus on.

Interact With Content Recommendations. After narrowing the topics, a list of the top educational resources is generated, based on questions answered incorrectly and/or low confidence ratings. These resources are taken from ASCO content including journal and ASCO Educational Book articles, Meeting Videos and Slides, ASCO University courses, and audio podcasts. Content from sources external to ASCO are also included.

Re-assess. Users can take the selected topic section pre-assessment again to see where they have improved and what areas need additional attention.

Discover Additional Resources. Once the user has retaken the pre-assessment, content recommendations are refined and updated to address remaining knowledge gaps.

As of March, the ASCO Personalized Learning Dashboard includes a new 60-question assessment designed to help participants prepare for board exams and identify areas that need more in-depth study. The 2016 assessment, offering a 90-question test, is also included. Both assessments offer CME credit and ABIM MOC points.

The ASCO Personalized Learning Dashboard is available as part of the ASCO University Essentials annual subscription or to Fellows enrolled in Education Essentials for Oncology Fellows.

Sign up or renew your membership at New users can try out ASCO University Essentials and the ASCO Personalized Learning Dashboard during a free 2-week trial period. For more information, email  

–Alana Williams