Abstract Selection Process

Selection of Abstracts

Abstracts of superior quality will be selected by the ASCO Scientific Program Committee for presentation at the 2018 ASCO Annual Meeting and for publication in the 2018 ASCO Annual Meeting Proceedings, a supplement to the Journal of Clinical Oncology. Each first author will receive a letter of notification via email from the Committee regarding its decision on the abstract by March 30, 2018. It is their responsibility to share this information with all coauthors and study sponsors. If selected for presentation, the presenting author is responsible for registering and securing a hotel for the Annual Meeting. 


Abstract submissions are considered for all types of presentation, and as such authors are not permitted to state a preference for presentation type at the time of submission. Abstracts will be judged solely on the data submitted. Statements such as “further data will be presented” are not acceptable and will decrease the likelihood that the abstract will be selected for presentation at the Annual Meeting.

The Biostatistics Core of the Scientific Program Committee will conduct a formal statistical review of all abstracts representing phase III trials and of other abstracts as determined by Program Committee tracks. A member of the Biostatistics Core will be a voting member of each Committee track, and their recommendations regarding the statistical validity of the abstract and its conclusions will influence the selection decisions. Failure to follow the biostatistical guidelines will have a negative impact on the grading of the abstract by the Scientific Program Committee, decreasing the likelihood of presentation at the Annual Meeting.


Abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Program Committee and evaluated on the following criteria

  • Strength of Science: Does the trial address an important and novel question?
  • Trial Design: Are the eligibility criteria, study endpoints, and planned analysis well defined in this abstract?
  • Collaboration: Is there potential for investigator collaboration?
  • Relevance:  Will the results be relevant and of interest to ASCO Annual Meeting community?
  • Requirements:  
    • Trial is registered, open, and enrolling patients
    • Abstract does NOT contain preliminary data or results

Types of Presentations

The presentation format for each abstract will be determined by the Scientific Program Committee. The types of presentations include the following


This type of session includes 12-minute presentations of abstracts representing important clinical and translational research findings by topic category. Presenting authors should use PowerPoint slides to accompany their oral presentation. Experts in the field (discussants) are chosen to provide comprehensive 12-minute themed discussions of the findings from predetermined abstracts. All speakers will participate in a question-and-answer panel in the session. The duration of this type of session is 3 hours. A limited number of abstracts deemed to represent the best science will be selected for presentation in the noncompeting plenary session.


Clinical Science Symposia provide foundational education on a specific topic combined with the presentation and discussion of relevant abstracts. Novel science is put into appropriate context, including assessment of applicability to clinical practice and the need for further research. Presenting authors should use PowerPoint slides to accompany their 12-minute oral presentation. All speakers will participate in a question-and-answer panel in the session. The duration of this session type is 90 minutes (1.5 hours).


Each track-based Poster Discussion Session will be 75 minutes in length and will highlight 12 abstracts from the Poster Session held earlier in the day. Four invited discussants will each provide a 12-minute discussion placing the selected abstracts in context, with a focus on how the findings apply to clinical practice and future research. This will be followed by a 6-minute question-and-answer panel involving the session chair, discussant, and poster presenters. At the conclusion of the formal session, the audience is invited to network with the panelists to discuss details about individual work.


Selected abstracts are grouped by topic and displayed on poster boards for 3.5 hours. Abstracts that will be discussed in the Poster Discussion Sessions will be grouped together and flagged. The Poster Sessions will again include Trials in Progress abstracts within each track, designed to facilitate awareness of open, ongoing clinical trials of any phase. First authors should be available at their poster for a minimum of 2 hours to informally answer questions from Meeting attendees.

First authors of abstracts selected for either type of poster session will be invited to submit an electronic version of their posters in advance of or during the Annual Meeting to be posted on Meeting Videos.

Publication-Only Abstracts

Abstracts of acceptable quality that are not selected by the ASCO Scientific Program Committee for presentation at the Annual Meeting may be chosen for inclusion online in the 2018 ASCO Annual Meeting Proceedings, a Journal of Clinical Oncology supplement. Publication-only abstracts were publicly released online on May 16, 2018.