$1 Million Donation from Susan G. Komen® Advances Development of CancerLinQ™

$1 Million Donation from Susan G. Komen® Advances Development of CancerLinQ

Dr. Judith A. Salerno
The Conquer Cancer Foundation (CCF) of ASCO has received a second $1 million donation from Susan G. Komen® toward the development of CancerLinQ, a big data project that aims to rapidly improve the overall quality of cancer care.

CCF and ASCO have benefited greatly from a long-term relationship with Susan G. Komen. Komen’s generous support over the years has resulted in programs that address quality, access, and delivery of care for patients with breast cancer; breast cancer research; and dissemination of knowledge and training for clinicians and researchers at Breast Cancer Symposia.

Komen’s earlier $1 million grant, received in 2013, supported the development of a CancerLinQ breast cancer prototype, which enabled ASCO to establish the proof of concept needed to create a rapid learning system across all forms of cancer. The organization’s second grant will support system components and professional expertise, such as breast cancer clinical decision support, a patient portal customized for patients with breast cancer, and the incorporation of breast cancer–specific guidelines and measures into the health platform.

“The Conquer Cancer Foundation gratefully acknowledges and sincerely appreciates Komen’s continued support of CancerLinQ, which has the potential to benefit every patient with cancer, including [those with] breast cancer,” said Nancy R. Daly, MS, MPH, executive vice president and chief philanthropic officer of CCF.

When CCF and ASCO first approached Komen about CancerLinQ in 2010, “big data” was not as prominent as it is today. Yet, the idea of a rapid learning system like CancerLinQ, in which doctors, patients, and researchers can learn from each patient’s cancer experience, piqued Komen’s interest.

CancerLinQ has the power to revolutionize the way cancer is understood and treated. “Sharing data in real time through CancerLinQ has the potential to provide patients and their health care providers with information on what is and is not working for others, hopefully bringing the right treatment to the right patient as quickly as possible,” said Susan G. Komen President and CEO Judith A. Salerno, MD, MS. “Every patient is unique, and yet patients enrolled in clinical trials—which provide the evidence behind breast cancer care—are often not representative of the general population. This tool has the potential to share not only real-time but also real-life data to help improve the quality of care for each patient.

“Collaboration with CCF, ASCO, and others is critical to making quick and meaningful progress against breast cancer,” Dr. Salerno continued. “We know that no single organization will end breast cancer; each organization brings a unique set of perspectives and expertise. By working together, we can more quickly realize our vision of a world without breast cancer.”

Komen remains involved in the progress of CancerLinQ through its participation on the CancerLinQ Patient Advisory Committee and Data Governance Oversight Committee.

“Komen has long believed in keeping the patient at the center of cancer innovation,” Dr. Salerno said. “We’ve been a leader in making sure the patient perspective is included in our peer-review and decision-making processes. Projects like CancerLinQ need the patient voice to help inform the design and use of the system, and we are so glad that we are able to help provide that voice.”

Komen’s key mission priorities include a focus on metastatic and aggressive forms of breast cancer, supporting the next generation of breast cancer researchers, and ensuring health equity for everyone. ASCO members can become involved in Komen programs, both at the local and national level, by checking to see if there is a Komen affiliate in their area and by following Komen on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

For more information about CCF, visit ConquerCancerFoundation.org. For more information about Susan G. Komen, visit Komen.org.