Pre-Annual Meeting Seminar Provides Advice on Hematologic Issues

Pre-Annual Meeting Seminar Provides Advice on Hematologic Issues

Hematologic issues arise frequently in the management of patients with cancer, and the methods for management of these issues are constantly evolving. ASCO hosted a two-day Pre-Annual Meeting Seminar entitled “Hematology for the Oncologist” to help practicing oncologists stay current on those evolving issues. The event was cosponsored by the American Society of Hematology.

“As a practicing oncologist, I know that we are often beset with requests for consultations on patients with non-malignant hematologic disorders,” said Gary I. Cohen, MD, of Greater Baltimore Medical Center, who co-chaired the seminar with Rebecca Kruse-Jarres, MD, MPH, of BloodWorks NW, University of Washington. “Unfortunately, our training does not always prepare us well for these consultations, and because our practices are primarily related to cancer, we don’t get the opportunity to stay up to date on new research and management of these perplexing problems.”

The seminar, Dr. Cohen said, is intended to be a quick and effective way to ensure that participants’ understanding of a variety of hematologic issues, from causes of thrombocytopenia to the challenges of bleeding and clotting in patients undergoing surgery, is sufficient.

Pregnancy and Platelets

The seminar began on May 28 with a session chaired by Dr. Cohen on hematologic issues—including coagulation and other potential problems—during pregnancy. This was followed by a session on platelet disorders, chaired by Marc J. Kahn, MD, MBA, of Tulane University School of Medicine. The session included discussion of autoimmune thrombocytopenia, thrombotic microangiopathies, and other disorders.

“The topics chosen speak for themselves and [were selected to] capture the interest of a good many oncologists,” said Stephan Moll, MD, of University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and a member of the seminar planning committee. There were a variety of national and internationally recognized experts from a variety of specific fields, Dr. Moll said, and faculty members were available to talk and answer questions throughout the seminar.

Bleeding Disorders, Images, and Coagulation

The final two sessions on May 28 included one on bleeding disorders in oncology, chaired by Dr.  Kruse-Jarres, and one on images in hematology, led by Dr. Kahn. Dr. Cohen was particularly enthusiastic about the latter session.

Dr. Moll led the first session on May 29 on new oral anticoagulants and antiphospholipid syndrome. This was followed by sessions on hemoglobinopathy, chaired by Martha P. Mims, MD, PhD, of Baylor College of Medicine, and on myeloproliferative neoplasms, chaired by Maria Baer, MD, of the University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center. There was also a second session on images in hematology.

“I believe that this should become a must-have annual update for all practicing oncologists attending the ASCO Annual Meeting,” Dr. Cohen said. “As oncologists, we are still considered the go-to people for these hematologic issues in patient care.”

The Pre-Annual Meeting Seminar modules are available for purchase at the ASCO University® Bookstore. To purchase, visit the ASCO University Bookstore® or the ASCO University Bookstore onsite (Oncology Professionals Hall, ASCO Central, Booth 7004).