ASCO Research Community Forum Offers Tools and Resources to Support Cancer Research Sites

ASCO Research Community Forum Offers Tools and Resources to Support Cancer Research Sites

As part of ASCO’s efforts to support cancer researchers and research sites, the ASCO Research Community Forum was created in 2010 to help clinical investigators and research staff overcome common barriers to conducting research and enhance their research site operations. The ASCO Research Community Forum is a go-to resource for the entire research community, offering tools for cancer research sites of all sizes and fostering collaboration between researchers.

Each year, the Forum brings together researchers and staff from research sites across the country during the ASCO Research Community Forum Annual Meeting, to identify a list of challenges facing the research community along with solutions. The Forum uses the ideas generated at the meeting to inform their activities and priorities each year, often creating working groups to turn these ideas into action.

As a part of these efforts, the ASCO Research Community Forum has developed a range of tools and resources available to the entire research community, to assist with managing clinical research programs. These ASCO Research Community Forum tools and resources can be accessed for free. Some of the most popular tools and resources include:

  • ASCO Research Program Quality Assessment Tool: an online tool for research sites to establish or enhance their internal quality assessment program. The Tool helps sites evaluate whether their program includes important quality processes and identify areas to improve. Access the tool.
  • ASCO Clinical Trial Workload Assessment Tool (pictured): an online tool aimed at helping research administrators assess clinical trial-associated workload, based on the complexity of research protocols and the number of patients assigned to staff. Access the Tool.
  • Clinical Trial Resource Library: an online repository of clinical trial resources. The library is organized by resource topic area, including basics for starting a research program, program administration, budget management, study start-up, management of trials and patients, data management, and quality assessment. The site is updated frequently, and ASCO members are encouraged to email with resources they have found useful that should be added to the library.

The ASCO Research Community Forum Council wants to hear your ideas for solving the problems facing research sites today, particularly those in community-based settings. Please contact the Forum with ideas and any questions about the ASCO Research Community Forum and its initiatives. Learn more about the Forum, its resources for cancer research sites, and the Research Community Forum Annual Meeting here.

–Danielle Prieur