Childcare Resources

As you plan your trip to the Meeting, we know it’s not just about deciding which sessions to attend or which hotel to stay at. Below are some childcare options to consider as you make your plans, whether that means making arrangements for help at home or bringing the family with you to Chicago. In addition, give your hotel a call after making a reservation to see if they have additional suggestions.


This listing is provided solely as information for the convenience of ASCO Annual Meeting Attendees, and is based on information made publicly available on the internet. ASCO does not endorse or recommend any specific child care provider or individual person, including any listed herein. ASCO has not conducted any inspection of any of the child care providers listed and does not guarantee nor warranty, either express or implied, the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or reliability of any childcare providers or information associated therewith. ASCO expressly disclaims any and all responsibility for any current or future problems that may arise with regard to child care. All ASCO Meeting Attendees are encouraged to exercise their own good judgment when evaluating a childcare provider.

ASCO’s Policy

ASCO has an age policy in its guidelines that states that only those age 18 and older are able to enter session rooms or the Exhibit Hall due to the sensitivity of presentations and for the courtesy of other attendees. Please keep these age requirements in mind when planning your trip. For nursing mothers, ASCO provides a dedicated room with private rooms inside. The nursing mother’s room is in room N227a, and will be open for the duration of the Meeting.

Childcare Options

The following information is taken directly from materials provided by the childcare services.

American Child Care, Inc.

  • Offering sitting services for traveling parents in need of care
  • Childcare provider to the Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Peninsula and Fairmont Hotels
  • ACC requests 24-hour notice when making a reservation. Quite often they fill last minute requests. If childcare is requested for multiple days, ACC tries to keep the same nanny. The nanny’s hours are flexible and up to the parent’s schedule. Fees are $35 per hour with a 4-hour minimum for one child.

Monicare Nannies
312-280-5200 or 708-588-1111

  • Professional hotel babysitters
  • Available for varying lengths of time, 7 days a week
  • On-call hotel babysitters can be booked for one or several days and are available 7 days and 24 hours per week on a full-time or part-time basis. Hotel babysitter’s hourly salary is $14-$20 per hour. Babysitter’s salary depends on the childcare provider’s level of experience and the number and ages of children. A minimum of 4 consecutive work hours are required for one booking.

Sitters Studio

  • Unique childcare option staffed exclusively by artists
  • Sitters come to your family with a tote full of artistic toys
  • Artsitters can be provided with as little as 2-hours’ notice. Fees start at $25 per hour for one child, based on a 4-hour minimum.