Preliminary Program

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7:30 AM–8:00 AM

Education Session

How to Navigate the Annual Meeting (Fellows and Junior Faculty Only)

Don S. Dizon, MD—Chair

Massachusetts General Hospital

Technology Tools and Resources to Help You Navigate the Meeting

Travis John Osterman, DO

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Optimize Your Annual Meeting Experience

8:00 AM–9:15 AM

Education Sessions

Alternative Approaches to Prevention, Early Detection, and Implementation in Global Health

Felicia Marie Knaul, PhD—Chair 

University of Miami Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas

Vaccines or Screening: ROI When Resources Are Finite

Dinesh Pendharkar, MD, PhD

Asian Institute of Oncology

Empowering an Alternative Oncology Workforce

Jeannine M. Brant, PhD, APRN, AOCN, FAAN

Billings Clinic 

Commonalities in Cultural Barriers


Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: What Every Practitioner Needs to Know in 2017

Hanna Jean Khoury, MD, FACP—Chair

Winship Cancer Institute, Emory University

Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Discontinuation in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: Is It Ready for Prime Time?

Ruediger Hehlmann, MD

Medizinische Fakultaet Mannheim Universitaet Heidelberg

Patient Variables That Can Be Modulated in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

Loretta A. Williams, PhD, APRN, AOCN

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

How Well Are Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors Tolerated? The Patient Perspective


Endometrial Cancers of Young and Older Patients: New Observations and Perspectives

Karen H. Lu, MD

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Endometrial Cancer: How Lifestyle Affects Incidence and Survival

Kathleen N. Moore, MD

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

When Is Old "Old"? Special Needs of the Elderly Patient

Molly Brewer, DVM, MD, MS—Chair

University of Connecticut

Young Women Survivors With Endometrial Cancer: What's Next?


Evolving Treatment Paradigm in Renal Cell Carcinoma

Ulka N. Vaishampayan, MD—Chair

Karmanos Cancer Institute

Current Therapeutics of Kidney Cancer: Landmark Trials

Neeraj Agarwal, MD

Huntsman Cancer Institute–University of Utah Health Care

Sequence and Decision-Making in the Treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma

Robert G. Uzzo, MD, FACS

Fox Chase Cancer Center 

Perioperative Systemic Therapy for Kidney Cancer: Current Data and Ongoing Trials


Lifestyle Interventions to Improve Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Reduce Breast Cancer Occurrence​

Jessica Scott, PhD

Johnson Space Center

The Role of Diet and Weight Reduction in Breast Cancer

Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson, MD

Duke University Medical Center

The Roles of Exercise in Risk Reduction

Mark Haykowsky, PhD—Chair

University of Texas at Arlington 

Exercise Physiology in Patients With Breast Cancer

Neelima Denduluri, MD

US Oncology

Guidelines for Lifestyle Interventions to Reduce Risk of Recurrence: What Is Important Apart From Diet and Exercise?


mHealth: Mobile Technologies to Virtually Bring the Patient Into Oncology Practice

Nathan A. Pennell, MD, PhD

Cleveland Clinic

Technological Solutions to Improve Efficiency

Adam Dicker, MD, PhD—Chair

Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

Telemedicine: Expanding Access to All

Edward J. Stepanski, PhD

Vector Oncology

Mobile PRO Assessment to Drive Adherence


New Classification for Central Nervous System Tumors: Implications for Diagnosis and Therapy

Christine Fuller, MD

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Overview of New Classification and Molecular Diagnostic Tools in Pediatric Central Nervous System Tumors

David Jones, PhD 

German Cancer Research Center

Approaches to Molecular and Genomic Classification in Pediatric Brain Tumors

Mark W. Kieran, MD, PhD—Chair

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Impact of New Central Nervous System Classification System on Clinical Trials in Pediatric Neuro-Oncology


Optimal Integration of Correlative Studies in Drug Development

Ryan Bruce Corcoran, MD, PhD—Chair

Massachusetts General Hospital

Liquid Biopsy to Monitor Response and Resistance to Therapy

Stacy L. Moulder, MD, MSCI

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Biomarker-Guided Therapy in the Neoadjuvant Setting

Josep Tabernero, MD

Vall d'Hebron Hospital 

PK/PD Modeling for Drug Development in Oncology


The Oncology Care Model: Medicare's Alternative Payment Model and the Future of Bundled Payments in Oncology

Jeffrey J. Kirshner, MD

Hematology-Oncology Associates of Central New York

Adoption of the Oncology Care Model in Clinical Practice

Kerin B. Adelson, MD

Yale School of Medicine

Implementation of the Oncology Care Model in an Academic Cancer Hospital

Ethan M. Basch, MD, MSc, FASCO—Chair

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Overview of the Oncology Care Model

Ronald Michael Kline, MD

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation

Medicare Perspective


Value-Based Medicine and Integration of Tumor Biology

Linda D. Bosserman, MD, FACP

City of Hope

Individualized Therapies, Value-Based Care, and Pathways

Gabriel Brooks, MD, MPH


Cancer Care Delivery, Cost-Effectiveness Analysis, and the Path Forward in the Era of Omics

Ravi Salgia, MD, PhD—Chair

City of Hope

Tumor Biology, Clinical Implications, and Reasons for Value-Based Medicine


Meet the Professor Session

Ticketed SessionCheckpoint Inhibition for Lymphoma: Biology, Identification, and Treatment of Patients

Stephen Maxted Ansell, MD, PhD

Mayo Clinic


Clinical Problems in Oncology Session

Ticketed SessionComplicated Clinical Scenarios in Myeloma

Thomas G. Martin, MD

University of California, San Francisco

Primary Refractory Myeloma

Nelson Leung, MD

Mayo Clinic

Renal Failure in Myeloma

Anita D'Souza, MD, MS

Medical College of Wisconsin

Myeloma With Amyloidosis

Jonathan L. Kaufman, MD—Chair

Winship Cancer Institute, Emory University

Plasma Cell Leukemia

8:00 AM–9:30 AM

Clinical Science Symposium

Special Clinical Science Symposium

8:00 AM–11:00 AM

Extended Education Session

Designing Clinical Trials for an Aging Population

Gretchen Genevieve Kimmick, MD, MS—Chair

Duke University Medical Center


Tina Hsu, MD

Cancer Centre, The Ottawa Hospital

Age Disparity in Clinical Trials: A Call to Action

Hyman B. Muss, MD

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine

Designing Trials for Older Adults: Challenges and Opportunities

Jo-Ellen Corkery De Luca

Alliance, Cancer in the Elderly Committee

Patient-Centric Trial Design: What Do Our Patients Want?

Stuart M. Lichtman, MD

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 

Modernizing Eligibility: Designing Trials for the Patients Who Need Them

Grant Richard Williams, MD

The University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

Embracing Complexity: Comorbidity Assessment in Clinical Trials

Etienne Brain, MD, PhD

Centre Rene Huguenin

Use of Frailty and Geriatric Assessment in Clinical Trial Design

Hans Wildiers, MD, PhD 

University Hospitals Leuven

Tailoring Outcomes to Older Adults: What Are We Missing?

Romain Corre, MD

Rennes University Hospital

Case Study Part 1: Design, Interpretation, and Lessons Learned From a Randomized Trial of Geriatric Assessment Directed Management of Advanced Lung Cancer (ESOGIA-GFPC-GECP)

Ajeet Gajra, MD

State University of New York Upstate Medical University

Case Study Part 2: Alternate Interpretations of ESOGIA-GFPC-GECP Randomized Trial: The Glass Is Half Full

8:00 AM–11:30 AM

Poster Sessions

Gastrointestinal (Colorectal) Cancer

Gastrointestinal (Noncolorectal) Cancer

Lung Cancer—Non-Small Cell Local-Regional/Small Cell/Other Thoracic Cancers

Lung Cancer—Non-Small Cell Metastatic

9:30 AM–12:00 PM

Opening Session

Opening Session With Fellows of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, Guest Speaker's Address, Presidential Address, ASCO Humanitarian Award, and David A. Karnofsky Memorial Award and Lecture

1:15 PM–2:30 PM

Poster Discussion Sessions

Gastrointestinal (Colorectal) Cancer

Lung Cancer—Non-Small Cell Local-Regional/Small Cell/Other Thoracic Cancers


Education Sessions

Best Practices for Clinical Research

Julie Vose, MD, MBA, FASCO—Chair

University of Nebraska Medical Center

Challenges in Opening and Enrolling Patients in Clinical Trials

Meredith Kathleen Chuk, MD

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

FDA Perspective on Safety Reporting of Serious Adverse Events

Francis J. Giles, MD, MB, FRCPI, FRCPath

HRB Clinical Research Facility-NUI Galway

Practical Approaches to Reduce the Administrative Burden of Clinical Trials


Challenging Genitourinary Cancers: Penile, Adrenocortical, and Nonurothelial Bladder Cancers and Non-Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma

Jeanny B. Aragon-Ching, MD, FACP—Chair

Inova Schar Cancer Institute

Management Strategies for Nonurothelial Bladder Cancer

Lance C. Pagliaro, MD

Mayo Clinic

Penile Cancer: Current Evidence and Controversies

Antonio Tito Fojo, MD, PhD

Columbia University Medical Center

Surgical, Systemic, and Endocrine Management of Adrenocortical Carcinoma

Sumanta K. Pal, MD

City of Hope

Current Evidence and Ongoing Investigation in Non-Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma


Current Approaches to Mantle Cell Lymphoma: Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Therapies

Jonathon Brett Cohen, MD

Emory University

Differentiating Between Aggressive and Less Aggressive Mantle Cell Lymphoma

Jasmine M. Zain, MD

City of Hope National Medical Center

Understanding Who Should Receive a Hematopoietic Cell Transplant for Mantle Cell Lymphoma

Brad S. Kahl, MD—Chair

Washington University School of Medicine

Is There a Role for Maintenance Therapy for Mantle Cell Lymphoma?


Prevention, Diagnostics, and Treatment of Lung Cancer in Low- and Medium-Resource Countries

Fred R. Hirsch, MD, PhD—Chair

University of Colorado Cancer Center 

Biomarker Testing in Limited-Resource Environments

Hisao Asamura, MD

Keio University School of Medicine

Wedge Resections Versus Anatomic Resections


Meet the Professor Session

Ticketed SessionThe Peer-Review Process and Writing an Outstanding Manuscript 

Stephen A. Cannistra, MD

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center


Clinical Problems in Oncology Session

Ticketed SessionHow I Treat Specific Sarcoma Histologic Subtypes 
Scott H. Okuno, MD—Chair

Mayo Clinic

Initial to Advanced Stage Progression in Myxoid Sarcoma

Brigitte C. Widemann, MD

The National Cancer Institute’s Center for Cancer Research

Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors

Silvia Stacchiotti, MD

Fondazione IRCCS-Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori

Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma

1:15 PM–2:45 PM

Clinical Science Symposium

Health Services Research, Clinical Informatics, and Quality of Care 

1:15 PM–4:15 PM

Oral Abstract Sessions

Breast Cancer—Metastatic

Developmental Therapeutics—Clinical Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics

Genitourinary (Prostate) Cancer

Pediatric Oncology I

1:15 PM–4:45 PM

Poster Sessions

Gynecologic Cancer

Melanoma/Skin Cancers

Patient and Survivor Care

Tumor Biology

1:30 PM–2:00 PM

Education Sessions

Physician Wellness: Refresh and Reboot at the Annual Meeting

Anthony Back, MD

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance 

3:00 PM–4:15 PM

Poster Discussion Session

Lung Cancer—Non-Small Cell Metastatic


Education Sessions

Oncologist Resiliency: Cultivating Wellness Skills to Combat Burnout in Oncology

Fay J. Hlubocky, MA, PhD—Chair

The University of Chicago Medicine

What Is Resiliency and How Does It Protect Oncologists From Burnout?

Miko Rose, MD

Michigan State University

The Joy Initiative

Ronald M. Epstein, MD

University of Rochester

Evidence-Based Individual and Collective Resiliency Promoting Programs


Practicing Oncology in the MACRA World

Blase N. Polite, MD, MPP—Chair

The University of Chicago

What We Know Now: MACRA and MIPS

Barbara L. McAneny, MD, FASCO

New Mexico Oncology Hematology Consultants, Ltd

Implementation of ASCO's Patient-Centered Oncology Payment

Barry Russo, MBA

The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders

Real-World Implementation of Alternative Payment Models


The Current Landscape of Early Drug Development for Patients With Sarcoma

Vicki Leigh Keedy, MD, MSCI—Chair

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Overview of Early-Phase Trials for Patients With Sarcoma

Breelyn A. Wilky, MD

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

Early-Phase Immunotherapy, Cellular Therapy, and Vaccine Trials in Sarcoma

Robin Lewis Jones, MD

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Early-Phase Chemotherapy and Targeted Therapy Trials for Patients With Advanced Sarcoma


Theoretical and Practical Applications of Immunotherapy in Upper Gastrointestinal Malignancies

Anthony B. El-Khoueiry, MD—Chair

University of Southern California Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

Immunotherapy in Upper Gastrointestinal Malignancies: Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Gregory Lawrence Beatty, MD, PhD

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Precision Promise: The Role of Immunotherapy in Pancreatic Cancer


Meet the Professor Session

Ticketed SessionUsing Patient-Reported Outcomes in Cancer Research

Alicyn Katherine Campbell, MPH

Genentech, A Member of the Roche Group

Current Approaches to Patient-Reported Outcomes in Oncology

Ari Gnanasakthy, MBA, MSc

Research Triangle Institute International

Strategies for Including Patient-Reported Outcomes in Research


Clinical Problems in Oncology Session

Ticketed SessionHereditary Cancer Prevention and Management in the Clinic 

Kara Noelle Maxwell, MD, PhD—Chair

Perelman School of Medicine

Challenges in Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk Management: Clinical Vignettes That Illustrate Interactions With Advancing Technologies

Huma Q. Rana, MD

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Management of Li-Fraumeni Syndrome and Li-Fraumeni-Like Syndrome Families With and Without Deleterious Mutations in Known Genes

Michael P. Mullane, MD

Aurora Cancer Care

Management of a High-Risk Clinic in a Community Setting

3:30 PM–4:30 PM

Clinical Science Symposium

Central Nervous System Tumors


Education Session

ASCO/American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Joint Session: Liquid Biopsies

Daniel F. Hayes, MD, FASCO—Co-Chair

University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center

Nancy E. Davidson, MD, FASCO—Co-Chair

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Introduction and Future Directions

Klaus Pantel, MD, PhD

University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, UKE Institute of Tumor Biology

Update on Circulating Tumor Cells

Nicholas C. Turner, MBBS, PhD

Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Update on Plasma Tumor DNA

3:00 PM–6:00 PM

Oral Abstract Session

Hematologic Malignancies—Lymphoma and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

4:45 PM–6:00 PM

Award Lecture

Gianni Bonadonna Award and Lecture


Poster Discussion Sessions

Gastrointestinal (Noncolorectal) Cancer

Gynecologic Cancer

Melanoma/Skin Cancers

Patient and Survivor Care

Tumor Biology


Education Sessions

ASCO Town Hall: Practice Realities in a Shifting Policy Landscape 


Beyond Alkylating Agents for Gliomas

James Markert, MD

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Comprehensive Cancer Center

What Is the Current Role of Immunotherapy for Glioma?

Vinay K. Puduvalli, MD—Chair

Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center

Targeted Agents in Glioma: Where Are We in the Clinic?

Rekha T. Chaudhary, MD

University of Cincinnati

Complementary Medicine Approaches: What Is the Evidence?


Big Data to Improve Outcomes in Cancer: Insights for Pediatric Oncologists

Robert L. Grossman, PhD

University of Chicago

Building Data Commons: The Future of Pediatric Cancer Research

Samuel Louis Volchenboum, MD, PhD—Chair

University of Chicago Medical Center

Neuroblastoma and Sarcoma: Two Paradigm Cases for Harnessing Commons in Pediatric Oncology

Adam Resnick, PhD

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Leveraging Data Commons for Novel Therapeutic Design


Survivorship in Pediatric and Adult Patients With Sarcoma

Steven E. Lipshultz, MD—Chair

Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Wayne State University

Oncocardiology in Sarcoma Survivorship

Ginger E. Holt, MD

Vanderbilt Orthopedic Institute

Long-Term Outcomes of Patients With Sarcoma After Orthopedic Intervention

Ranjith Ramasamy, MD

University of Miami Health System

Current and Future Oncofertility Options for Sarcoma Patient


Meet the Professor Session

Ticketed SessionGlobal Cancer Risk Management and Chemoprevention Through the Lifespan 

Sofia Merajver, MD, PhD

University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center

Integration of Genetics, Risk Management, and Chemoprevention in Diverse Settings in the United States and Worldwide


Clinical Problems in Oncology Session

Ticketed SessionMultidisciplinary Management of Localized Bladder Cancer 

Jay Bakul Shah, MD—Chair

Stanford Medicine

Surgical Management of Localized Bladder Cancer

Noah M. Hahn, MD

Johns Hopkins University

Integration of Systemic Therapy in Localized Bladder Cancer

John Paul Christodouleas, MD, MPH

University of Pennsylvania

Radiation Therapy in Localized Bladder Cancer